How Art Can Improve Your Well Being

How taking art lessons can improve your well beingArt has been around for thousands of years; each culture has a rich artistic history and presents its own style onto the world. Hundreds of years ago art was at the center of attention with famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci creating beautiful works of art. As the world evolved and an increase on technological advancement took place, art has been put on the back burner in most school curriculums in favour of more tangible skills such as science and engineering. As much as those subjects are important, art plays an even more important role in our lives and a person should always strive to integrate some form of art into their lives because it has many mental, physical and emotional benefits. In this article I will outline 3 important ways art improves your well-beingArt helps you express yourself in a creative way. It is something that is unique to you and cannot be replicated by anyone. In our increasingly interconnected fast paced world, art offers an escape that is only known to you. During the art creation process you learn how to think with a vision and train your brain to create this vision step by step. A piece of art does not come together over night, the artist must first visualize his painting, sketch it out with pencil, add in details with pencil and then finally take a brush and put the finishing touches on it. By creating more art repeatedly you learn to harness this thinking process and apply it to other aspects of your life. For example becoming an entrepreneur would require the same sort of skill set because you would first have to have a vision and then take the necessary logical steps to bring your vision to life in the business world.Another great benefit to an arts education is that it is rich in cultural diversity. Each culture has its own unique art perspective and style. For example Picasso used the art style of cubism while Leonardo used the Renaissance art style. Since art is a celebration of creativity and uniqueness, no right or wrong answers exist. Although this may be frowned upon by academics it actually creates benefits for those who take art. Combining all these different perspectives of art and celebrating them together helps a person appreciate different cultural values, respect alternative points of view and appreciate not only art but also people who are from different cultures and share traditions that are different from ours.The Last benefit of an arts education is the fact that is stimulates creativity and lays the building blocks to successful learning. Art can be expanded to not only painting but also drawing, singing and dancing. Each of these activities involves a key sense such as vision, sound and feeling. When children engage in art they develop each sense to its full potential. Therefore when children begin an arts education at an early age and continue doing it for years they are laying a solid foundation for successful learning because they are stimulating and fine tuning the senses to their full potential.Overall an arts education has many benefits such as self-expression that can harness key critical thinking and vision skills that are successful for running a business. It helps you appreciate different forms of art and different cultures and traditions that create it. Lastly by exercising your senses it sets up a great foundation for successful learning in other subjects.

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